Name Description
TAButton Use TAButton to put a standard push button on a form.
TACheckBox TACheckBox represents a check box that can be on (checked) or off (unchecked).
TAEditBox TAEditBox is a wrapper for a Windows single-line edit control.
TAForm TAForm is the Top most control you will be able to add to Manager Root using Editor.
TAImage TAImage displays a graphical image.
TALabel TALabel is a control that displays text on a form.
TAListBox TAListBox displays a collection of items in a scrollable list.
TAPaintBox TAPaintBox provides a canvas that applications can use for rendering an image.
TAPanel TAPanel is a window control which allows having children controls.
TAProgressBar TAProgressBar displays a simple progress bar.
TARadioButton Use TARadioButton to add a radio button to a form.
TATrackBar TATrackBar is a wrapper for a track bar control.
TAControlManager It is the main component which will control all UI environments.